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FCCLA Follow-Up Seat Belt Survey Held November 23

Hannah Bayer, Macey Kulhanek and Erin Prusa conducted a follow-up seat belt survey in the Howells-Dodge Consolidated Schools parking lot on Wednesday, November 23.  FCCLA members checked drivers and passengers for seat belt use and gave out Snicker’s bars with the message, “Don’t Be A Nut, Wear Your Seat Belt” and promotional items from Teens in the Driver Seat.  The survey showed that 96.6% of drivers . . .

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November FCCLA Meeting Held on November 15

The Howells-Dodge FCCLA Chapter met on Tuesday, November 15 during noon hour.  President Brett Fiala called the meeting to order.  Old business included thanking members for their excellent participation at District Leadership Conference and for the outstanding job of selling for the Food Sales Fundraiser.  Tops sellers in the FCCLA Food Sales Fundraiser were thanked.  FCCLA STAR Events are Wed., Jan. 11 at 9:00 a.m. . . .

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Wishing Tree

Wishing Tree —A wishing tree will be set up at the HDC Howells site library for the book fair.  The tree will be decorated with gingerbread people made by HDC students PreK-6 grade with their book wishes.  Anyone wishing to purchase a book for a student needs to pick a gingerbread person from the tree, and purchase a book for that student at the book fair.  Thank you for supporting the book fair. Classroom and . . .

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