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Staff Directory

Staff Directory

(You can click on a staff member's name to visit their website.)

Mark Ernst Inserted Image     Superintendent mernst@hdcjags.org  
Cole Fischer Inserted Image     Principal cfischer@hdcjags.org  
Pam Bazata Inserted Image     Guidance, Dance, Title IX Cord. pbazata@hdcjags.org  
Tiffany Becker Inserted Image     Physical Education tbecker@hdcjags.org  
Mary Lou Benesch Inserted Image     Title/Media mbenesch@hdcjags.org  
Jody Blum Inserted Image     Admin. Assistant jblum@hdcjags.org  
Jaime Bohaboj-Blum Jaime Bohaboj     Food Service jbohaboj-blum@hdcjags.org  
Jordan Brabec Inserted Image     Vocational Ag., FFA, AD jbrabec@hdcjags.org  
Donna Brester Donna Brester     Custodian dbrester@hdcjags.org  
Sharon Brown Inserted Image     ESU Speech Pathologist sbrown@esu7.org  
Kathy Dinslage Inserted Image     Para kdinslage@hdcjags.org  
Julie Dirkschneider Inserted Image     Para jdirkschneider@hdcjags.org  
Luke Dobbins Inserted Image     Technology Coordinator, Mathematics, Golf ldobbins@hdcjags.org  
Nikki Dobbins Inserted Image     Kindergarten ndobbins@hdcjags.org  
Connie Dostal Inserted Image     Business Manager cdostal@hdcjags.org  
Betty Elbracht       Para belbracht@hdcjags.org  
Crystal Ernst Crystal Ernst     Middle School cernst@hdcjags.org  
Judy Fuerhoff Inserted Image     Special Education jfuerhoff@hdcjags.org  
Brenda Hegemann Inserted Image     3rd Grade bhegemann@hdcjags.org  
Jeanette Jackson Jeanette Jackson     Para



Kevin Janata

      Social Studies, BBB, JH Sports kjanata@hdcjags.org  
Kristin Janousek Kristin Janousek     1st Grade kjanousek@hdcjags.org  
Brian Jones Inserted Image     Science, WR bjones@hdcjags.org  
Lori Kulhanek Lori Kulhanek     Food Service lkulhanek@hdcjags.org  
Andrea Liekhus Adrea Liekhus     Para aliekhus@hdcjags.org  
Renee Lund Renee Lund     SPED relund@hdcjags.org  
Ron Lund Inserted Image     Science rlund@hdcjags.org  
Wayne Molacek Inserted Image     ITE wmolacek@hdcjags.org  
Tanya Oligmueller Inserted Image     Instrumental and Vocal Music toligmueller@hdcjags.org  
Patty Pieper Patty Pieper     Food Service ppieper@hdcjags.org  
Scott Polacek Inserted Image     Social Science spolacek@hdcjags.org  
Marla Prusa Inserted Image     FCS/FCCLA mprusa@hdcjags.org  
Candy Recker Inserted Image     Admin. Assistant crecker@hdcjags.org  
Bonnie Ruskamp Bonnie Ruskamp     2nd Grade bruskamp@hdcjags.org  
Jennifer Schmidt Inserted Image     6th Grade jschmidt@hdcjags.org  
Rhonda Schumacher Inserted Image     Para


Tara Sindelar Tara Sindelar     5th Grade tasindelar@hdcjags.org  
Traci Sindelar Inserted Image     Spanish, Speech tsindelar@hdcjags.org  
Michael Speirs Inserted Image     Mathematics, FB mspeirs@hdcjags.org  
Julie Stratman       Para jstratman@hdcjags.org  
Taryn Tenopir Taryn Tenopir     Art ttenopir@hdcjags.org  
Kelly Throener Inserted Image     4th Grade kthroener@hdcjags.org  
Audrey VanLengen Inserted Image     English avanlengen@hdcjags.org  
Neil VanLengen Inserted Image     Business, VB nvanlengen@hdcjags.org  
Gayle Wragge Inserted Image     Reading/Para gwragge@hdcjags.org  
Stephanie Wurdinger Inserted Image     Preschool/Title I swurdinger@hdcjags.org  


Board Members

Heather Macholan, Keith Brester, Kent Smith, Rachael Nielsen, Paul Dvorak and Jason Kreikemeier